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EMS Elektrostimulation

The EMS Training - Fit in 20 minutes?

How EMS works and what has to be considered during training.
EMS is a newly discovered training method, where the muscles of the body are stimulated to contractions with targeted current surges during the training.
This training method is characterized by a high calorie consumption, especially in the first phase after the training. Due to this high calorific value, even after training, the EMS training is especially suitable for weight loss and fat burning. Thanks to the targeted stimulation of selected muscle parts, it is possible to build up and define areas such as the belly, ie the future six pack, with the workout accompanied by current surges. Since different electrodes are attached to the different body regions, the strength of the individual current surges can also be controlled and regulated as required.

Targeted weight loss through EMS training
In addition to the positive effect of locally stimulating regions of the body through the electrical muscle stimulation during the workout, the workout with EMS also works much more effectively than without. Several studies already showed that just the abdominal muscle part, as well as other muscles, grow faster in the shortest time, if one is carrying out force training with current surges.