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Thatīso Sun Spray

The tanning booth for a quick, natural and long lasting tan
You can sunbathe at the same time from now on your skin and maintain. The fastest and safest way there is for a beautiful and impeccable tan.
The That'so compressor allows the operator to apply the product quickly and evenly, for a natural looking dark skin on the entire body. That'so
does not block the skins pores and therefore lets the skin take a natural tan in the sun.
Its incredible benefits.

What is the secret behind the tanning spray sun Makeup?
His incredible benefits!


Quick and easy
Forget long and complicated applications

intense color

Consistent, exceptional shimmering tan for all skin types
It penetrates the skin evenly and fades naturally

skin Comfort

Very gentle to the skin
Moisturizing and nutritious
Anti-aging effect

delicately scented

A tender, dreamy scent: perfect for every day

Perfect UV-free tan from 100% natural ingredients produced from sugar cane.